The titles published by Reverté Management (REM) have their own well-defined style adapted to the training needs of Directors, Middle Managers and specialized professionals of an organization. They offer specific training in different areas (leadership, human resources, coaching, emotional intelligence, productivity,…) that contribute to improving business management results and promoting the development of professionals in any sector and functional area of the company.

Our books can be obtained at significant discounts when purchased for corporate gifts, training courses, sales promotions… Personalized content packages can also be prepared, special editions that include corporate logos, personalized covers or added bands or dust jackets, satisfying any need that our clients have in the promotional field.

In our philosophy, customer service is a priority, so we seek solutions that adapt to the particularity of each of our clients, facilitating all the administrative and advisory procedures they need. Our team will guide you on different products and services, so that your needs materialize in the best conditions. Our intention is to satisfy any demand, offering all possible services, from editing, creation, design and manufacturing, to distribution and dissemination, both in Spain and in Latin America.

For more details and information on discounts and services, both in printed and electronic books, contact: or call (+34) 93 419 33 36.


Some examples of companies that have already worked with us